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Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Dollar face

Put your face on a dollar bill

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Date : 2007-02-28 20:05 Average members rating : 0
Actually itís a two dollar bill, I found it on the google.com This is the one:

End here is the grotesque face of the Me:

Please do not be offended by my ugliness, letís call it a natureís good joke, or bad one, any way I imported my face into the two dollar bill image:

Press CTRL+SHIFT+U to desaturate the face and make it grayscale:

I lowered the opacity of the face layer so I could see through the layer below and adjust the size of the face to fit the ellipse:

Next I crop the unwanted part of the face layer. I use my Pen tool to create a selection:

Add your anchor points and manipulate them as needed and than right click your path and choose Make selection and click OK:

I turned off the visibility of the face layer to make it easier to trace the bill layer.

If you do not know how to use the pen tool, you should learn it now, itís a useful tool.

Switch back the visibility of the face layer, press CTRL+SHIFT+I to select inverse and press delete on your keyboard. This will leave you only with your face in the ellipse:

Now press CTRL+L to bring front the Levels dialog box and adjust the face layer until the background is white (it helps if the background is blank like mine) Set layer blending mode to multiply:

Now create a New layer beneath the face layer and take you color Eyedropper tool (ďIĒ on your keyboard) and sample the yellowish color from the bill. CTRL+click the face layer to select it and fill the new layer with yellowish color:

Now the only thing left is adding of the texture behind a face. Make a New layer above the yellowish layer and name it texture. Now turn off the Face and Yellowish layers and grab a Rectangle marquee tool. Create a selection somewhere inside of the ellipse:

Make sure rectangle is perfectly square by folding SHIFT key and dragging the selection. Now go Edit> Define Pattern and name your pattern Bill texture. Select Paint Bucket tool and choose Pattern from the options menu for this tool and choose Bill texture from your palette:

CTRL+click the yellowish layer to select it and fill the Texture layer by clicking with your Paint bucket tool somewhere inside of the selection and change the layer blending mode to Multiply:

Now take the Eraser tool and erase the texture where it overlaps the face. If you need to be very precise you can use some masking mode, but you will know what to do if you find your self in the situation:

Thatís it, all done. You donít wish to go too realistic with this kind of work, just in case