What You Need to Know About Garage Conversions

garage conversions

Before starting your garage conversion project, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. The most common misconception people have about converting a garage into an additional living space is that a garage is not livable. In reality, most garages have no livable space at all. A garage conversion is more than just adding windows and doors to a garage. You’ll need new wiring, including additional circuits for appliances. A professional installation company should help you with the permits and inspections. More – https://progarageconversions.co.uk/

 How to Convert a Garage Into a Living Room

While some people would like to have an extra room, others prefer to use it as a living space. In such a case, you can leave the driveway intact for easy access and outdoor parking for guests. Alternatively, you can install a deck in the converted space to create a separate outdoor living space. You can also add a non-load-bearing wall in order to hide unsightly areas. Garage conversions are popular with renters and homeowners who need extra space for gatherings and sleeping.

A typical garage sits on an uninsulated concrete slab, and this slab may be several inches lower than the floor level inside the house. The slab may also be sloped, so you need to take into account whether or not your garage conversion project will require a curb beneath the garage door. This will keep water out of the converted space while protecting the framing of the wall. You’ll also need to determine whether to level the floor of your garage.