A Spiritual Experience With a Bali Meditation Retreat

Uluwatu, Bali Meditation Retreat combines meditation and spiritual healing with a stay in one of the most beautiful tropical settings on earth. The island of Bali sits at the convergence point of east-west winds, sun, sea, and mountains. For those who choose to make their journey to Bali a spiritual one, a visit here will allow them to enter into a place that is inspired by a beautiful natural paradise teeming with infinite wisdom, creativity, and peace. A perfect place for people to discover themselves is a Bali Meditation Retreat. Bali is also known as the Island of Serenity because it is here where one can come to realize that the most tranquil of environments is also filled with the most meaningful of answers.

What to Expect at a Bali Meditation Retreat

It is said that the islands of Bali are the reflection of god’s presence within us reflecting back the perfection of God’s nature. Uldrid, considered to be the god of meditation in balinese culture, is said to reside in a stone temple on Bali Island. To access this temple, visitors must first visit Sanur Uldrid Temple located in Ubud. This temple is one of the most popular balinese cultural symbols for meditation because it is associated with the Sanskrit word: San (” Salvation”) and Veda (“iety”). In addition to the stone temple, Uldrid’s followers believe that they can hear him speak in the form of verses dictated from a divine manual that is kept in their sacred temple.

Bali meditation retreats combine spirituality with a healthy diet and exercise regime that leaves you feeling energized and cleansed of any stress. Most yoga practitioners who come to Bali will tell you that their goal is to live in harmony with all life, which is what we learn at a Balinese retreat for beginners. There, you will be able to experience and apply what you have learned about Balinese thought, ritual, music and food.

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