Cleaning World – Your Next Cleaning Destination

Cleaning World Inc.” is a New Jersey cleaning business that provides residential, commercial, and office cleaning throughout the state of New Jersey. We offers quality cleaning services to all of our New Jersey community customers. This business is located at 1140 Route 17 South Plainfield, Monmouth County. “Cleaning World” has been serving the Monmouth County, New Jersey area for over one decade. We are dedicated to providing professional cleaning, friendly service, and to helping our customers have a cleaner, more efficient work environment.

Wind Power is Part of New Jersey Landscape

We provide all of the basic commercial and industrial cleaning needs such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, vinyl care, and industrial cleaning. Some of our services include window cleaning; ceiling cleaning; tile cleaning; hardwood floors, including refinishing; and other surface cleaning requirements. As a successful small business with multiple employees, we strive to maintain the high quality standards that have made us one of the best businesses in this region. Our employees are very knowledgeable about the services that we offer and are committed to making our customer’s feel at home while we are performing our cleaning services. When you call to schedule your next service, you will be happy to know that we strive to exceed your expectations.

Each year, our services are requested by many homeowners and businesses that are in need of our expert cleaning. Our employees have been professionally trained to clean safely, effectively, and with a minimum of disturbance to your space. Whether your next dry carpet or your next painting project, we can help you out. Cleaning professionals in Plainfield, NJ are ready, willing, and able to help you with your next move or cleaning adventure in the city of Plainfield.

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