How to Make Money As a Student

There are many ways to make money as a student, and there are even jobs available that can be done online. For example, you could become a mystery shopper. This job involves going around stores, taking pictures of things that don’t work, and filling out questionnaires. In exchange, you’ll receive cash. You can also get assignments via the Mobee app, which pays small amounts. Another option is Marketforce, which pays much larger amounts.

Choose a profitable niche

You can also make money through paid surveys. Many big companies use these surveys to get feedback on how their websites work. You can earn anywhere from 10 cents to as much as $15 for answering a long questionnaire. The money is often paid via PayPal, and you can collect it every month or after a certain amount.

Another option for earning money online is by selling your own physical products. You can sell things like old textbooks on Amazon, but you need to make sure they’re in good condition. Otherwise, you’ll get negative reviews. You can also become an Amazon Associate, earning passive income through Amazon’s affiliate marketing network.

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