Sports Pole Padding Benefits

If you own a pole dancing studio, chances are you already know about the benefits of sports pole padding. In fact, many instructors have used these padding systems at their own studios and loved them! The padding systems typically consist of a high quality vinyl that is covered in a comfortable velour material for the ultimate in comfort. If you’re in the market for a new system for teaching your students how to dance, consider sports pole padding for your needs. You’ll be glad you did.

Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Sports Pole Padding

There are a few ways the sports pole padding system can help your students and your classes as well. First, if you have a dance studio, there are always injuries that happen to students. Whether it is a minor bruise or something more serious like a torn ligament, it happens. With this padding system, if you have any football goal post covers, you can always put them on the floor in front of the class without worrying about someone getting hurt. When you tuck the football goal post covers in after class, you’ll be confident that your students and your classes are safe.

Second, sports pole padding can also come in handy for those who like to take their own classes in local gyms. No matter how good a teacher you are, sometimes you may have just a hard time getting through a class with a full set of students. What if one or two people have a question that requires further attention, but there are no teachers to call? In order to provide a solution to this issue, some manufacturers have created sports pole blankets that sit on the floor in front of the class, allowing all of your students to sit comfortably as they wait for the bell to ring. Not only will this keep everyone in line, it will also provide emergency backup in the case of a fire evacuation.

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