The Boilerplate Press Release Technique

These are just some examples of good press releases that drive traffic. If you need more inspiration or ideas, I suggest you check out my blog where there is a free guide on creating a great press release. You’ll learn a simple method that has been used by thousands of web marketers. as a stand-alone release. There are many variations of it, including the use of boilerplate quotes to attract readers and include keywords. Don’t leave this powerful marketing tool to the professionals, go out and learn how to write it yourself.

What Is a Boilerplate?

Each good news story needs a great hook. The best way to format and write press releases for easy reading. Learn how to do it correct the first time, each time. What to do next to ensure that your release gets Read (and drives results.) Below are some great press releases example that can be used as a guide:

Every good news story needs a great hook. No matter what you’re trying to sell with your press release. From product information to business tips. To create a good hook, try asking yourself, “What’s in this story that makes it newsworthy?” Or, “What’s the most interesting part?”

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