Tips For Finding Fraser Island Accommodation

fraser island accommodation

Fraser Island offers some great opportunities for family fun and adventure. In fact, it’s rated one of Australia’s top three best holiday destinations. It’s a hidden gem of Queensland’s natural beauty – only a few hours away from Australia’s main city of Brisbane. If you’re looking for good Fraser island accommodation in this region of Australia then Fraser Island is where you want to be. Whether it’s a relaxing holiday with lots of walking or an active lifestyle with boating, fishing, hiking or more, there’s something here for everyone.


In the summer months, Fraser Island offers some incredible beach activities, from walking down the sand dunes to sunbathing along the golden sands. In addition to the sandy beaches, there are other natural attractions on the island like the remote Tinaroo Ranges, where you can walk through bush tracks amongst thickets and native trees. On the east coast of the island you’ll find the remote Tinaroo Sand Dunes, a series of rock formations rising more thanosis from the sea bed. The Tinaroo Dunes is off the Fraser Island highway, so you won’t be able to access the beach from the airport. For a more remote experience, hire a vehicle and take a trip up to the dunes on your own – it’s a unique and scenic way to explore the island.


Camping is also popular on Fraser Island during summer. Many visitors come here for the natural beauty and sunshine, or for the chance of a unique and exciting camping experience. There are plenty of campgrounds on Fraser Island, including beach houses, caravan parks, backpackers accommodations, motels, apartments, self-contained cabins and hotels that offer everything from guest houses to camping grounds.

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