Types of Commercial Refrigerators

commercial refrigerators

Commercial Refrigerators come in a wide variety of makes and models. Depending on the type of business you run and what kind of food you deal with, your commercial refrigerators may be small or large, standing mounted, bottom freezer, under counter, high tech, top freezer, or specialty units. It is important that you choose a model that best suits your needs. In the long run, your restaurant equipment will run more efficiently and your customers will be happier as your commercial refrigerators offer more space to store perishable goods and other goods that need cold temperature.

Why need Commercial Refrigerators?

If you sell canned and packaged goods, deli items, snacks, confectionary, or any other product that needs to be kept cold, then you may want to consider commercial refrigerators that offer a variety of different types of doors, draws, and compartments for these products. There are those that open on the side and some that open up top. Other models can hold containers upside down for foods that need to be kept on the lower shelf. Many refrigerator manufacturers offer a variety of different sizes of these units to fit your business’ needs. These refrigerator types also come with different styles and can come with a variety of different features as well.

For example, walk in commercial refrigerators are usually very attractive, have a large door, drawers that slide out for easy loading and unloading of your product, have adjustable degrees Fahrenheit to keep stored food at specific temperatures, and have separate areas for hot and cold supplies. There are also refrigerator designs that offer water dispensers, ice dispensers, and icemakers built into the side or top of the appliance. These types of refrigerators are often used in restaurants because they offer more floor space for larger foodservice workers to prepare their food. Walk in models are also easy to run and maintain. Some of the more sophisticated models have advanced features like carbon monoxide detectors and ice cleaners.

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